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The Secondary holds a Parent Workshop on the Power of Positive Language in Raising Responsibility   January 25th 2016

The Secondary Section continues to run workshops on Raising Responsibility. Our most recent one focused on the power  of Positive language in building productive and lasting relationships with our children. The workshop  produces some very rich and productive discussion that included group and pair work plus an opportunity to collaborate with other parents. Some feedback from those who attended included:

I have thoroughly enjoyed the two RSR sessions I've attended so far. A child's education and upbringing is a holistic act, and the RSR initiative is a conscious commitment to ensure that both parents and the school are working from the same paradigm. Parenting never came with manuals, but I really do believe that parenting in these times is another ball game altogether, and we all feel more clueless than we would like to acknowledge. The RSR sessions are helping to foster an environment of trust and congeniality where we can start valuable discussions about truly educating our children and ourselves. I have walked away from both sessions with more questions to ask myself than with any semblance of 'right' or 'wrong' answers. And that's always a good thing to walk away with.

Thank you for the wonderful session yesterday.  It was an amazing eye-opening workshop on how to be more positive and have an impact as a parent.  The video, article and examples shared were very simple and demonstrated how we get into a vicious cycle of trying to change inappropriate behaviour with the same negative language – and it doesn’t work, time after time.  Great concepts on how to change things around, which will need patience and practice!  Well worth the time invested!

We spend a great morning together. As always, my wife and myself enjoyed your presentation. We think our kids deserve the best from us and this Workshop helped us to become  better advisers and counsellors for them and give us more tools to cope with this difficult and wonderful task, the raising of our children.

We look forward to seeing many more of our parent community at our next workshop March 1st