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IB Students 

Wow, is the only way to describe the offers our students have received from top universities around the world this year. We are always pleased to see our IB students do so well. At BISJ we concentrate on a students character and hard work, their abilities can then shine through. If you are a student reading this please take a moment to look at the pictures, the names and the university courses. These dedicated students have shown that from 'Conti' you can get into the top universities worldwide. What will your aim be?

Picture 1- World top 6 Universities (Left to Right)

Salma Islam (MIT) Hija Ali (Class of 2017 attending Cambridge University after a gap year) Hafiz Muhammad Amri (Oxford University) Jad Abdel Jawad (Stanford/Harvard)

Picture 3- World top 10 Universities (Left to Right)

Abdullah Rehman (Imperial College) Abdul Rahman Hussein (UCL ) Saeed Dean Osman (UCL) Gehan Mendis (UCL) Norah Tabsh (UCL) Haniya Waseem (UCL)

Picture 4- UK Medics (Left to Right)

Areeb Rehman (Aston Medical School) Hanya Ghazi (Hull York Medical School) Saleh Al Jundi (University of St Andrews School of Medicine) Arouba Imtiaz (Cardiff University School of Medicine) Eyad Abdulwahab (Aston Medical School)