We wish to offer our congratulations to the IGCSE class of 2018-19 and the IBDP class of 2018-19 for their excellent exam results this year. We must also offer our congratulations to the staff at BISJ as well each student’s parents, family and friends who supported them on their journey.

However, while exam results are incredibly important for the students and for us here at BISJ as a validation of all the hard work that has been done, our central focus is on the progress and growth of the individual not only academically but also holistically through our vision of Learning to Live, Learn and Lead. To that end, we are especially proud of our exam classes not just for their great academic results but their development as learners, leaders and members of society.

our results

Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards 2017

Top in Country

IGCSE Foreign Language French- Jannat Bahar Laskar

Jannat Bahar Laskar

IGCSE International Mathematics- Sahil Bansal (also Top in Region-Computer Science)

Sahil Bansal

IGCSE Physical Education- Aly Tamer Abdelrahman Fetouh

Aly Tamer Abdelrahman Fetouh

Best across 9 IGCSE in the Country- Hashim Mohammadamin D Kashgari

Hashim Mohammadamin D Kashgari

Second across 9 IGCSE in the Country- Saeed Ahmed Jan

Saeed Ahmed Jan

Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards 2018

Best across 9 IGCSE (3rd place)- Abeer Fatima

Top In Country – History

Top in Western Region- Geography

Abeer Fatima

Best across 8 IGCSE (3rd place)- Ali Odeh

Top In Country – PE

Ali Odeh

Best across 8 IGCSE- Western Region (1st place)- Lara Radojcic

Lara Radojcic