Student Self Evaluation

This self-evaluation is to help you judge the quality of your work. you should base your judgement on evidence for the purpose of doing better work in the future
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What Learning Descriptor behaviours are you most proud of and why? ( comment on specific subjects and the strategies you put in place to achieve an ‘M’ or an ‘E’ in a particular learning descriptor )
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Academic Achievements

Comment on your Learning to Learn Skills (Research Skills, communication, critical thinking, etc.) and reflect on how you have worked to improve these skills:
Learning to Learn Skills(*)
Learning to Learn Skills

Think about our School Values and what they are- look at them in your classroom. Choose two or three of the values and write down specific ways you believe you have actively put these values into practice so that you are Learning to Lead and Learning to Live. (For example reflect on whether you interact positively with others and if you are solution focused, how open minded are you? do you respect the opinions of others? – these are just ideas- you may have more of your own)
Our School Values(*)
Our School Values

Look at our Elevator to Success Poster. Give yourself an overall level for this year and give reasons for your answer. Overall Elevator Level: Reasons for selecting this level:
Think about your specific Learning Descriptor behaviour – Preparation for learning, Approach to Learning and Attitude to Learning. Choose one or more learning descriptors that you would like to improve on and state what you will do/ keep doing next year to increase your ‘Ms’ and ‘Es’’
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Overall Elevator Level

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Strategies I put in place to increase my ‘Ms’/Es’ next year (*)
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